Sea view at Studland bay

Jurassic Coast Beaches – Posts about Studland Bay

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Sea view at Studland bay

The Jurassic Coast is a wonderful place for lovers of natural history. Over the years I have written over 80 posts about the things I have seen and discovered at Studland Bay in Dorset – which is at the most eastern end of the World Heritage Site known as the Jurassic Coast.

Click here to access all these articles and photographs about Studland Bay...… or look at the list below to select a post that might interest you:



Big Quahog Clam at Studland Bay

Cockle Shells at Studland Bay in Spring

Turban Top Shell from Studland Bay

Netted Dog Whelks from Studland Bay

Oyster Shells from Studland Bay

Striped Shells from Studland

Striped Seashells from Studland

Pandora’s Box Shells from Studland

Slipper Limpet Clumps on Studland’s Strandline

Razor Shells at Studland

Striped Venus at Studland

Carpet Shells at Studland

More Scallop Shells from Studland Beach

Saddle Oyster Shells from Studland Beach

Sea Shell from Studland

A Heart Shape in a Seashell



Small Holes Made by Marine Worms in Studland Chalk Bedrock

Studland Beach Finds

More Studland Slipper Limpets

Dead Man’s Fingers at Studland Bay

Squid Eggs at Studland Bay

Sea Squirts from Studland Bay

Jellyfish and Japweed at Studland

A Masked Crab at Studland

A Common Green Shore Crab at Studland

All Sorts from the Studland Strandline

Scorpion Spider Crab from Studland’s Strandline

Sand Tubes on Studland’s Strandline

Flat Fish on the Studland Strandline

Strandlines and Worm Tubes at Studland in April

Strandlines at Studland in March

Strandlines at Studland in February

Hornwrack from Studland

Unusual Spider Crab from Studland Beach

A Spikey Cockle with a Red Foot

An Empty Common Spider Crab Carapace



Furbelows Seaweed at Studland Bay

Three Red Seaweeds from Studland in Spring

Three Brown Seaweeds from Studland bay in Spring

Eel Grass and Sea Lettuce at Studland Bay in Spring

Japweed from Studland Bay

Oyster Thieves at Studland and Ringstead Bays

Studland Soft Seaweeds

Gracilaria verrucosa Seaweed at Studland

Sea Lettuce at Studland

Sea Oak Seaweed at Studland

Bright Green-Red Seaweeds at Studland

White Edged Sea Lettuce at Studland



Sand Patterns at Studland Bay

Driftline Patterns at Studland

Sand Ripples and Sand Tubes at Studland in February

Soft Autumn Light



Studland Sunlit Ripples

Studland Water Patterns

Studland Bay Ripples and Reflections 1

Studland Bay Ripples and Reflections 2

Studland Reflections 1

Studland Reflections 2

Studland Reflections 3

Studland Reflections 4

Studland reflections 5

Studland reflections 6



Flints and Ironstones at South Beach Studland

Rocks at Redend Point in Studland Bay 1

Rocks at Redend Point in Studland Bay 2

Rocks at Redend Point in Studland Bay 3

Rocks at Redend Point in Studland Bay 4

Flints Embedded in Studland Chalk

Coloured Cliff Rock at Studland

Studland Rocks Part 1

Studland Rocks Part 2

Studland Rocks in Close-up 1

Studland Rocks in Autumn 1

Flints from Studland

Chalk Cliff Rock Texture and Pattern

Chalk Cliff with Gull



Seashores Are Such Rewarding Places

Pictures from Studland Middle Beach

Pictures from a November Walk at Studland

Views of Studland Bay in Spring

Coastal Erosion Defence at South Beach Studland

Storm damage to Dunes at Knoll Beach Studland

Lichen on Sandstone at Studland

Carved Faces in the Cliff at Studland

Views of South Beach Studland in November

Views of Studland in September

Rock Carvings at Studland in February

Bee Burrows in Redend Point Rocks

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