White-edged Sea Lettuce at Studland

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Sea Lettuce photograph: The green seaweed Sea Lettuce, Ulva lactuca Linnaeus, with white edges caused by shedding the reproductive products, on the sand at Studland Bay, Dorset, UK - part of the Jurassic Coast (P1120357aBlog1) 

Just an additional note on Sea Lettuce, Ulva lactuca Linnaeus, that I have described  in an earlier post Eel Grass and Sea Lettuce at Studland in spring.  I said the green colour of this alga is variable and sometimes it has white edges – which occurs after it has shed its reproductive products into the water. At the time I didn’t have a picture showing the white edges but I saw some seaweeds recently at Studland exhibiting this feature. I thought I would add the photographs to the blog for completeness.

The picture below illustrates the way the Sea Lettuce and other green and red coloured seaweeds from a free floating mass are being deposited in a fresh strandline on the sand.

Studland Bay pimage: The freshly deposited strandline of green seaweeds including the white-edged Sea Lettuce at Studland Bay, Dorset, UK - part of the Jurassic Coast (P1120293aBlog2) 

Revision of a post first published 16 July 2009


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