Water Patterns at St Peter Port

Natural patterns of reflected light on water ripples

Fleeting patterns of reflected light on wind-driven ripples across the surface of the seawater in St Peter Port Harbour on Guernsey in the Channel Islands make natural abstract designs in never-ending variations.

Water pattern & texture in Weymouth waves 2

The further you walk along Weymouth pier the deeper and bluer the water – turquoise tinted. In the shallows, the sand on the sea bed makes the water appear more yellow. On this calm day, the water surface was riffled by the wind to produce patterned textures where the transient ridges were delineated by the light they caught.

Water pattern & texture in Weymouth waves 1

Water pattern and texture on rippled shallow waves

These images are a study of patterns and surface texture on the shallow water over the sandy seabed at Weymouth, viewed from the promenade leading to the pier. I like the way that the waves look as if they are drawn with fine lines onto the sea with a white pencil. The clear water reveals the yellow of the sand below the waves. (If you wish, you can click on the photographs to enlarge them and see the details).

On the Dorset Coast 1

Warm weather, blue skies, and hazy sun bring out visitors to enjoy the Dorset Coast in England. The milky waters of the sea at one location take on many shades of blue from navy to torquoise. Tranquil waves, lapping gently on the black and white pebbles of the beach, create natural abstract patterns of reflection. While people in leisure craft of all descriptions from motor boats, yachts, and dinghies to kayaks, take full advantage of the lovely day, and revel in the sparkling waves.

Bow Wave on the Northumberland Strait Ferry

Water texture and pattern in the wake of a ferry crossing the still waters of the Northumberland Strait in Canada

As the ferry ploughed the still water of the Northumberland Strait, on the crossing from Wood Holes on Prince Edward Island to Pictou in Nova Scotia, it cast curtains of foam-flecked swell to port and starboard, and the vibrations from the engines sent millions of micro-ripples across the smooth surface into the distance.

Click on the pictures to enlarge them and see details such as the vibration ripples from the ship’s engines.

Sea ripples & reflections off Portland (2)

More natural colours and abstract patterns of reflection on the gently moving water surface of waves lapping ashore over pebbles on the Isle of Portland in Dorset, UK.


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Stormy seas at Burry Holms in June

Photographed today at Rhossili Beach on Gower Peninsula in South Wales, this video clip shows the beautiful weather we are having this June – and proves I am no ‘fair weather’ naturalist. The sea was a maelstrom which even the keenest of surfers did not enter. The waves were driven with such force against the rocks of Burry Holms that they seemed to explode into giant clouds. It was fantastic to be there.

[I could barely stand upright in the wind so there is some camera wobble. It was pouring as well so I had to keep wiping the lens; and you can hear the rain drops falling in the camera even with the thunderous roar of the waves.]


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Winspit Waves 4



Waves washing onto a seashore rock ledge, with dynamic patterns of reflected light each time the water retreats. 


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