Views of Torrisdale Bay by the Naver estuary on the north coast of Scotland in Sutherland. The views from the Bettyhill Hotel were stunning, and the experience on the beach was well worth the long trek to get there. This is a very special area geologically and botanically, and there with be more posts about these aspects later. Click any image to enlarge.

4 Replies to “Torrisdale Bay”

  1. I’m so taken by the sculpted sand. When I was young this would have appealed to me as obvious setting for a miniature world and I would have sat down right there to build a city or something around it. Whatever was around I’d pick up and use. I guess I still would even today.

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  2. I like the sand features too. I love the way the wind carves them from the sand. Sometimes they have a pebble or a shell sitting on top of the sand pedestal and the area looks like one of those fabulous American landscapes in cowboy country – but in miniature.

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