14 Replies to “Strandline Seaweed at Saline”

  1. I have often thought how appetising some seaweeds look, Claudia, although the only one I have eaten is dulse. I photographed some fresh seaweed from Studland Bay on a plate once because it looked good enough to eat.

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  2. This is the suff Seamas likes – its from cloughglass, Burtonport, Donegal (which is round the corner from our Donegal cottage). https://qualityseaveg.ie/dulse-bites-50g This is an Irish site but I am assuming you can order to the UK beacuse he’s got a massive box of them here in Wales. He did have some from Northern Ireland but he said it was horrible in comparison to this stuff. I’ll check with himn later to see if this is the site he ordered from.

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