Natural abstract patterns of water surface texture on the sea

Water Surface Textures 6-10

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Water surface textures 6-10 from Weymouth Bay, Dorset 6 April 2022. Clear sea over sand, with gentle waves bouncing off the pier structure, and wind blowing across the surface causing fine ripples.

When viewing with a PC you can click on any image to view pictures in a carousel.

8 Replies to “Water Surface Textures 6-10”

  1. Hi Jessica-thanks for your beautiful water textures. I follow a blog of an American photographer Michael Frye and I think you would enjoy his occasional postings. Can I send you a link? He has recently been in a photography competition and the winners entries are AMAZING not unlike yours!

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  2. Thank you for telling me about that, Hilary. I looked it up myself and I agree with you that the photos are amazing. It is not surprising that so many photographers are captivated by the same natural subjects that I am. I think most of these competition winners have the advantage of more superior camera equipment and expertise when capturing their subjects, but I have as much enjoyment taking my pictures and posting them on the blog.


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