Storm damage to dunes at Knoll Beach, Studland

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Recent storms have caused a lot of damage on beaches, and generally accelerated coastal erosion in Great Britain. At Knoll Beach in Studland Bay, which has been featured in earlier posts, the waves have cut away the leading edge of the sand dunes, ripping out large chunks of marram grass which had been stabilising the dunes. The four images of the recent storm damage to the dunes (shown above) were taken a week ago on 9th February 2014.

The eight images shown below record the dunes at earlier times when, due to careful management by the National Trust, the dunes were stabilising to a certain extent, and even accreting in some areas with the natural colonisation of various kinds of low growing vegetation on the upper part of the shore.

The extent of the February storm damage can be determined by a comparison of the “before” and “after” photographs – although the stretches of dunes featured are not necessarily identical.


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3 Replies to “Storm damage to dunes at Knoll Beach, Studland”

  1. Your pictures are great. Too bad, there has been so much damage. It would be so nice to go to some beach.


  2. The weather here is calmer now. I am hoping to go on a photography trip to the beach tomorrow – but beaches with cliffs are now very dangerous – many rockfalls with hundreds of tons of stone falling to the beaches.


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