Seashore at Studland Bay, Dorset 

Why is the seashore such a rewarding place for photography and study?

  1. Each beach is different
  2. Every shore continually changes and evolves
  3. Coasts are never boring
  4. The shore is a store of natural treasures – zoological, botanical, and geological
  5. The seashore is affected by time, tides, weather, currents, seasons, and people.
  6. Creatures of all sorts appear, disappear, breed, eat and get eaten, die, and leave their shells and bones behind.
  7. Seaweed grows, reproduces, declines, dies and gets washed up.
  8. Sediments shift and get shifted.
  9. Sand, gravel, shingle, pebbles, rocks and boulders are moved by tides, gravity and man: making different patterns and textures; burying one moment and revealing the next.
  10. Even the more solid rock – like the limestone, sandstone, clay and mud of cliffs and beach platforms are subject to long- and short-term, natural and man-made erosion – with rock-falls, mud slides, land-slips, and vandalism.
  11. People play on beaches, use and exploit them, damage them, and study them.
  12. All these elements interplay to provide an ever-changing and fascinating seashore kaleidoscope that is a source of delight to the observer.
  13. Simultaneously, they provide a challenge to understand the structures and processes of everything animal, vegetable, mineral and all sorts of other things that constitute the seashore.
  14. Seashores provide a valuable opportunity for learning as well as enjoyment.
  15. These experiences can be shared with others through photography. 
COPYRIGHT JESSICA WINDER 2011 with all rights reserved

3 Replies to “Seashores are such rewarding places”

  1. Jessica, that is such a beautiful image of the shore. Your seascape photos are as awesome as your close-ups of marine life. Though each beach is indeed different, they are all the same in their way of inspiring wonder.


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