Photographic perspectives on the seashore

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Driftwood on the dunes at Whiteford, Gower 

  • Seashores are incredible places for anyone but especially the would-be natural historian and the photographer – with their abundance of flora, fauna, geology and other objects plus spectacular views, landscapes and seascapes.
  • Beaches are a great resource for the budding biologist, ecologist, geologist, fossil-hunter, artist and photographer.

What does the seashore have to offer the amateur photographer?

  • The photographer can document the extreme variety and variability of beaches including:
  • animals, plants, rocks, fossils, artefacts and constructed features
  • changes great and small
  • in-situ and still-life
  • vistas, macro, creative and artistic perspectives
  • alive and kicking/dead and dying
  • wet or dry/surface or under-water
  • static or moving
  • high-tide and low-tide
  • any time of day
  • sunshine, clouds, rain and snow
  • spring, summer, autumn or winter
  • natural or man-made objects
  • with or without people
  • popular or deserted places
  • details of design
  • colour, texture, abstract and patterns

 From what perspective could you work?

  • You can use the photograph to capture the bigger picture or home-in on less easily observed features.
  • You can capture a wider, descriptive and a basically superficial view; or you can get up close to help the viewer to see and understand something of the intricacy of the organism, the structure or the interaction of shore-line processes.

 How does all this relate to me?

  • All this thinking underpins my own work.
  • I have a lifelong interest in natural history – especially littoral or seashore ecology.
  • I think that seashores are really inspirational places!
  • I try to capture the moment, the beauty, the intriguing feature or phenomenon – to bottle it up for later, to research, to share, to re-live through the images.


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One Reply to “Photographic perspectives on the seashore”

  1. Hello Jessica, I love the new posts. Your comments make me think about my approach my own blog, its very inspirational. Linda


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