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Jurassic Coast Beaches – Posts about Ringstead Bay

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Ringstead Bay in Dorset on the Jurassic Coast is one of the more accessible beaches from my point of view; I have visited it frequently. At first sight it looks a bit unpromising, comprising vast stretches of pebbles, and gravel at high tide. But pause a while. Look a little closer. Wait for the tide to go out. Walk to the east  and walk westwards. The secrets of the seashore begin to disclose themselves. The rocks that lie under the pebbles, and form the cliffs both high and low, are geologically very varied and full of fossils. Many wash out after rainy weather and following land slips. The shallow low-tide waters and rock pools are full of different seaweeds, and many more varieties wash ashore after stormy weather. Surprising flotsam drifts ashore too, from long lost beach shoes and shipwreck rusting panels, to cargoes of cigarettes and cream cheese lost overboard from shipping containers. Seashore creatures such as crabs, molluscs, and sea anemones cling to stones and weeds, along with lesser known organisms like sea squirts and sea mats. It is well worth lingering at Ringstead Bay if you are interested in the natural world of seashores. Here is a list of some of the posts written about Ringstead Bay over the past nine years:



Goose barnacles at Ringstead Bay

Sea wash balls at Ringstead Bay

Holdfast habitat at Ringstead Bay

The velvet swimming crab

Toothed top shell at Ringstead Bay

Cuttlefish bones on the beach at Ringstead

Tube-worn holes in Ringstead chalk boulders

Sea squirts and sea mats at Ringstead in February

Sea firs and cystocarps on seaweed

Limpets and tube worms at Ringstead in February

Winkles and razor bills at Ringstead in February

Pitted barnacle shells at Bran Point

Snakelocks anemone wafting in the waves

Sea mats – what are they?




Irish moss at Ringstead

Strandline seaweeds at Ringstead Bay

Satin-textured seaweeds at Ringstead

Kelp textures at Ringstead

Crinkly seaweed from Ringstead Bay

Brown twisty things at Ringstead

Egg wrack at Ringstead

Floating japweed at Ringstead Bay

Oyster thieves at Studland and Ringstead Bays



Ringstead Bay rock textures and patterns part 3

Ringstead Bay rock textures and patterns part 2

Ringstead Bay rock textures and patterns part 1

Pebbles at Ringstead Bay

Septarian nodules at Ringstead



Ringstead Bay fossil bivalve Ctenostreon proboscideum

Ringstead Bay fossil oyster Deltoideum delta

Fossils of the Trigonia clavellata formation at Ringstead

Jurassic coral fossils at Ringstead

More about fossil oysters from Ringstead Bay

Fossil oysters from Ringstead

Gryphea dilatata a Jurassic Coast fossil

Fossil worm burrows and scallops at Bran Point

Rhynchonella inconstans and Lopha gregarea

A fossil oyster with a preserved ligament

Fossil oysters with ammonite impressions



Ringstead sea kale

Yellow horned poppy at Ringstead Bay

Woodgrain with lichen

Pygmy lichen at Bran Point



Storm damage at Ringstead Bay

Cigarettes and creamy cheese at Ringstead Bay

An odd ball from Ringstead Bay

Rusty wreck at Ringstead

Some impressions of Ringstead in March

Accidental abstract beach art


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