Cigarettes & creamy cheese at Ringstead Bay

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Amongst the normal type of storm debris such as dead birds, old toys, rope, and rusty metal, hundreds of packets of cigarettes were an unusual kind of flotsam to find on the strand-line. Tubs of creamy blue cheese even more so. They were scattered along the shingle at Ringstead Bay in Dorset, England, yesterday afternoon. This type of flotsam has been turning up on lots of seashores in southern England as a result of shipping containers becoming dislodged from the deck of a ship and falling overboard just off the north coast of France.

Click here to find out more about the lost cargo of the Svenborg Maersk.


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5 Replies to “Cigarettes & creamy cheese at Ringstead Bay”

  1. Yes, there is a huge monitoring and clean-up operation by volunteers and national organisations – partly because of the danger to wildlife from all the poisonous nicotine seeping out of the tobacco.


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