Chapmans Pool 6 View

Jurassic Coast Beaches – Chapmans Pool

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Chapmans Pool in Dorset on the Jurassic Coast is worth the walk. It can be approached via the village of Worth Matravers. It is a natural amphitheatre of interest especially for people who study rocks and fossils. Tall crumbling cliffs surround the bay leading to many boulders of various types tumbling to the shore. Fossils are common but frequently crushed within the matrix. Some energy must be expended to get down to the beach and get back up again to the nearest car park. There is a good path, with steps for the steepest part, leading to the boathouses and safe beach access at that point.

Click on the links below to see previously posted articles and photographs about Chapmans Pool on Jessica’s Nature Blog.


Weathering on boulders at Chapmans Pool

Flotsam shoes at Chapmans Pool

Ammonites at Chapmans Pool

Pebbles at Chapmans Pool

Japweed at Chapmans Pool

Thongweed at Chapmans Pool

Strandline flotsam at Chapmans Pool 2

Strandline flotsam at Chapmans Pool 1

Views of Chapmans Pool

Flat or spiral wrack from Chapmans Pool

Boat houses at Chapmans Pool

Ammonite fossil from Chapmans Pool

Boulders of Portland Cherty Series at Egmont Rocks

Black crystals at Egmont Rocks


8 Replies to “Jurassic Coast Beaches – Chapmans Pool”

  1. Beautiful pictures!😊 I was on the quarry Saturday and I thought about yours picture and tried to take some close pictures of the stones who have many colors, but I failed…

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  2. Thank you, John. I saw some of your quarry rock pictures and thought they were great. I wonder how close you are able to get to the rocks or whether you use a zoom because it is not safe to enter. I especially liked the colour of the water at the bottom of the quarry.

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