Chapmans Pool was a lovely location on the the sunny day in June that I visited. The boat houses were a delightful discovery. I hope you enjoy the following images of them – until you are able to visit and see for yourself. The picture above is looking upwards from the steep slipway to one of the fishermen’s boat houses. The cracks in the concrete and cobbles have been colonised with pink Sea Thrift.

A view of one of the boathouses with its colourful corrugated iron roof.

The black wooden capstan positioned up the hill from the boathouse is for hauling the boat up the slipway from the water.

This picture shows how the boathouses nestle at the base of the very steep and impressive Emmetts Hill which is capped by a dramatic rock escarpment.

In addition to the wooden capstan there is a more conventional rusty iron winch for pulling fishing boats ashore.

This shows the view looking down the slipway across the water to the head of the bay – with an old corroded iron anchor decoratively positioned at the side of the path. 

Lobster pots were stacked up against the leeward stone wall of one of the boathouses.

Thick black plaits of rope were loosely coiled on top of some wooden posts in a concrete channel against another of the boathouses.

A row of rusty iron spools was embedded from top to bottom of the slipway – presumably to guide and ease the keels as boats are hauled up the slipway to the boathouses using cables attached to either the wooden capstan or iron winch higher up the hill.



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