It’s that time again – for the Great Dorset Beach Clean. Sunday 16th September 2012 will see dozens of volunteers descending on some of our most beautiful Jurassic Coast beaches to clear away the huge volumes of flotsam that has accumulated over the summer months – most of it plastic but also fishing nets and ropes and SHOES!

Here are some photographs of trainers, flip flops, and sandals that I found on the beach at Chapmans Pool last weekend. It always makes me wonder how the owners walked home after losing their shoes – no mean feat (or should I say ‘feet’) to climb up the hill again barefoot after the trip to the beach!


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5 Replies to “Flotsam Shoes at Chapmans Pool”

  1. It’s one of the mysteries of life. Shoes are everywhere. Sometimes single and sometimes pairs. Usually it is obviously an accidental loss but I once found a pair of shoes neatly placed, side by side, by the kerb. It looked as if they had been placed there deliberately for some less fortunate person to find.


  2. Jessica, these are beautiful still life images that also provide food for thought. We tend to think of shoes in pairs, so when there’s only one, our minds rattle about to try and come up with a story to make some kind of sense of its solitary existence.


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