Red ripening seeds on Alexanders growing by the side of a path in a wetland site

Alexanders at Newport Wetlands

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Alexanders (Smyrnium olusatrum) grow to a height of around 1.25m on cliffs and other coastal sites including waste ground and roadside verges as here in the Newport Wetlands National Nature Reserve. I always seem to miss them in full flower. Here there were only one or two plants with yellow flowers. But I very much like the way the ripening seed heads and stalks look. Some of the seeds are turning red and eventually will be black.

2 Replies to “Alexanders at Newport Wetlands”

  1. Interesting plant! It doesn’t grow this far North (Orkney). Scots lovage seed heads were turning red here today, I noticed.;it’s common along the shore( if sheep are excluded).

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  2. Thank you, Eoin. Although I spent a few weeks in Orkney some years ago, I did not notice the Scots Lovage. I guess my attention was elsewhere. It is similar in many ways to Alexanders isn’t it?


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