I have been sweltering indoors for a couple of weeks, self-isolating with Covid, caught despite having had three vaccinations. When I ventured out this weekend it was to a very strange world with everything pale, parched, withered, and potential tinder. In some places the landscape around my Dorset village is reminiscent of the savannah.

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  1. Hope you are well again. Nature walks are strange in these times and also depressing.I tend to stay in our garden where we saved at least the potted plants by using prozess water from the kitchen mostly.

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  2. Yes, thank you, Ola, I am feeling better now. We have also been recycling our ‘grey’ water from showers and washing up. Many areas are now suffering from a water shortage in Britain but we have been reusing our water for several years, especially for flushing the loo, and have nearly halved our water consumption.


  3. We have only had mist and the slightest drizzle so far. I have discovered that the local river is still flowing well and full of luxuriant vegetation which looks very strange in the middle of the scorched landscape.


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