Giant Hogweed with white flowers in damp grassland with pylons and overhead cables

Giant Hogweed at Newport Wetlands

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Well back from the pathways, and safe from accidental contact, two Giant Hogweeds vied for attention against a background of pylons on the reserve, They were quite spectacular. I am guessing they were over 3 metres high and unmistakable. Zooming in on the stems, the characteristic purple blotch marks were visible, almost continuous dark colouring on one of them. In some susceptible people, touching one of these plants in sunlight can cause a very severe skin reaction with blistering. They must never be touched. Here they are not accessible by the public.

10 Replies to “Giant Hogweed at Newport Wetlands”

  1. A few years ago in Belgium, they were a very undesirable weed that caused burns to many children. It seemed as if the plant was a magnet for them to be touched or climbed on.
    Several steps have been taken to eradicate it, as it is also a non-native plant species.

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  2. I thought that local authorities remove them from public spaces wherever they become aware of them. But I guess that sometimes they only become aware when someone has touched one and ends up in A&E.


  3. I think the same is true here too. That the giant hogweed is removed from public spaces. Here, it was entitled to be, in a nature reserve and away from the possibility of causing harm.


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