Views from the Newport Wetlands 2

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Of course, the main attractions at this wildlife reserve would arguably be the large lagoons and reed beds that originated as ponds for dumping fly ash from the nearby power station. Home to many wildlife organisms now that are not easily spotted on a quick tour on one of the hottest days of the year. The swan and the myriads of fish were all that I saw this time. The boardwalk or bridge across the water body seems to actually be a pontoon that floats on the surface of the water as you can hear the squelching and slapping noises as well as feel a distinct bounce as you cross the bumpy surface. This particular path led to a lighthouse on the edge of the land in front of vast salt marshes and mudflats. The light house is one of two – one on each side of the Usk estuary. It used to be a lot taller. It actually stands on metal legs but these are now hidden from sight because of the accumulation of fly ash on the site over many years in the past.

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