Meadows on the Vile at Rhossili 2

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Meadows 2 of many – Picture from the old medieval field strip system called The Vile on the cliff top at Rhossili, Gower, South Wales, where the fields are separated by vegetated earthen embankments. Each field has a different combination of wild flowering plants and grasses. In this image, oxeye daisies, sorrel, and knapweed (mostly in bud) are growing amongst the grasses.

Strictly speaking I am not sure that these bountiful fields can scientifically be designated as a meadow rather than some category of grassland because they have been seeded by the National Trust as a crop specifically to increase biodiversity and provide food for insects, birds and more. But ‘meadow ‘ seems a convenient way to describe what you see. To their value for wildlife must be added their benefit to the well-being of visitors. I spent a couple of hours wandering slowly along the mown paths through these fields, soaking up the glorious panoramic views across to the sea and the famous Worms Head as well as taking in the fascinating variety of plant-life, and found the experience both peaceful and uplifting.

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