Wasteland 9 – Ninth and last in a series of pictures of vegetation apparently growing naturally on wasteland and contributing to the biodiversity of the habitat on the side of Pipers Walk on the Waterfront in Swansea, South Wales, 19 June 2021. This time a compilation slideshow of the plants and the context in which they are growing. The brownfield site lies adjacent to buildings owned by University of Wales Trinity St David, and is part of a 40 hectare area destined for major redevelopment which is can be explored in a manoeuvrable aerial photograph here.

6 Replies to “Wasteland 9”

  1. Liked the dizzy tour, but the series of wasteland photos very interesting. Makes me want to go and find the place if it wasn’t that Swansea is the most awful place to drive around. Must get new Satnav.

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  2. Hi Angela. If you decided to go, the site is on the outskirts of the city in the SA1 area. You can pull off the main road leading into the city from the east, and which passes Amazon buildings and the the new waterside University campus, to park next to the Prince of Wales Dock and Premier Inn. No need to go into the town at all – it is a nightmare finding your way around there.


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