Wild Yellow Rattle flowers

Daily Walk in Difficult Times 58

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Yellow Rattle is another wild British flower that could easily remain unnoticed and trodden underfoot. At least, the small specimens growing in our local Nature Reserve. I have seen very much larger individuals of this plant growing elsewhere on stabilised sand dunes. Here on chalk ground, in an area that was cleared last autumn, the plant seems to be in the process of re-establishing itself. I hope that visitors keep to the mown paths and stop running around and playing on this central wild place. Many do not seem to realise that this is a nature reserve where wild plants are being encouraged and conserved for all to enjoy. The name of the plant refers to the way the dry seeds rattle inside the inflated capsule which contains them.

4 Replies to “Daily Walk in Difficult Times 58”

  1. Hi Jessica, I love these nature photos. Everyday things often go unnoticed. But wonder is all around us if we care to look. I don’t often comment – not because I am not interested – just that I don’t think I have anything interesting to add. Stay well,
    Robert not a coconut.

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  2. So glad that you like the photos. It is true that many things go unobserved which is a pity as there is much to appreciate everywhere around us, even if we cannot wander far. Thanks for being kind to me. Take care.


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