Sunlit leaves on trees in springtime

Daily Walk in Difficult Times 50

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A landscape of leaves in springtime sunshine. When I look out from under the trailing, wafting, branches of a copper beech tree, to horse chestnut, lime, and ash beyond, I can see a rainbow waterfall of shifting bright colours. While the light shining through the nearby stand of trees vivifies the leaves and hints at the hidden world beyond – into which we will be able to wander further, and for longer, now that there has been a gentle easing of the restrictions due to the virus outbreak.

6 Replies to “Daily Walk in Difficult Times 50”

  1. I found it really odd being able to go that little bit further which we did on Thursday with the gentle easing of the restrictions I hope people do not abuse the new normal. Will be keeping to my local patch at the weekend so hope to spot some deer.

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  2. I noticed yesterday more people sitting at social distance with a friend and a picnic in the village. The number of cars was greatly increased through the village too. Like you, I hope that people do not abuse the easing of the rules. But there are apparently planned mass congregations of people all over the country, including Weymouth and Chesil Beach, in protest over the lockdown and any idea of mass vaccination. Can you believe it?


  3. Yes, the colours are entrancing and these trees do, indeed, beckon one to look deeper and walk further. I can feel myself being drawn in.

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  4. I seem to tap in to the distant past when I was a child and feeling that something enchanted or mysterious but benign lay just of of reach beyond the trees.


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