Hint of Autumn 8

Brown and green acorns in the same cluster on the tree

Some acorns are turning brown as they ripen while most remain green even on the same cluster on this oak tree. Plenty of acorns have already fallen elsewhere despite the early stage of autumn. Many still remain on the woodland floor from last season.

Now & Then (Pine Tree)

Lonely pine tree in a harvested wheat field

Now – August 2017

A lonely bent pine now stands amongst the stubble of a harvested wheat field. It is the only survivor of a handsome clump of trees that stood among the wheat seven years before. I seem to remember several winters ago catching glimpses through the hedgerow of a large fallen tree as the bus passed along the lane. Everything changes.

A clump of trees amidst the wheat

Then – July 2010

Spring Fields in Charlton Down

Field boundary hedgerows and tree dividing fields of yellow flowering oilseed rape crop

The countryside around Charlton Down this April is a landscape of rolling hills covered by a brightly coloured patchwork of flowering oilseed rape fields contrasting with spring wheat, each patch separated from the next by boundaries of ancient field hedgerows and trees with branches just springing into life.

Fields of yellow oilseed rape crop growing around the Dorset village of Charlton Down in the English countryside

Green and yellow springtime fields in the Dorset landscape, England.

Contrasting fields of green wheat and yellow rapeseed flowers

Hedgerow and tree separating fields of yellow flowering oilseed rape in the English countryside

Rural view from a wooded valley of yellow flowering rapeseed on the hillside

Rural springtime view in the Dorset landscape

Farming country around Charlton Down in spring

Field boundary hedgerows and tree dividing fields of yellow flowering oilseed rape crop