Tree trunks and sprouting leaves in the wet tropical rainforest

Rainforest tree trunks

Leaves sprouting from a tree trunk in the rainforest

Rainforest 1 – 3:  Looking back at some of the wondrous Nature seen on a trip of my lifetime to the wet tropical rainforest in Queensland, Australia, in 2011.

October in Kew Gardens 2

More pictures from Kew Gardens with their beautiful autumn colours and exciting open-air sculpture and art exhibition this October.

October in Kew Gardens 1

I had a lovely day out at Kew Gardens in London this weekend. It was especially good because there was an exhibition of sculpture and art in the open air setting as well as indoor locations. I thought you might like to see some of the pictures I took showing the artwork among the wonderful autumn colours.

Hint of Autumn 14

Shallow pond in autumn with dying vegetation and pine nedles

Patches of sunlight, green leaves, and blue sky were reflected on the shallow milky water of the pond. Bare branches and twigs draped over and into the pool. A few pine needles and autumn leaves lay motionless on the meniscus. A delicate matrix of dying Mud Water Starwort stems could be seen making abstract patterns just below the shaded surfaces while swathes of something russet and mysterious cloaked the mud.

Reflections on the surface of a shallow pond of cloudy water in autumn

View of a shallow murky pond in autumn

Vegetated margins of a shallow pond in autmn sunlight

Shallow murky pond in early autumn

The shallow margin of a pond with cloudy water and reflections on a sunny autumn morning

Decaying aquatic vegetation in a shallow water pond