I notice so much more on these daily walks since the lockdown. The attention is really focussed on everything above, below, around. Every sight and sound. What has changed, grown, opened since the previous day, or since the last time I passed that way. A warmer sunny day brings the most changes. I am seeing things that I never saw before, even though I have lived here for twenty years. Amazing. Today’s post shows the strange black buds of overwintering ash trees as they begin to open and reveal peculiar flowers.

8 Replies to “Daily Walk in Difficult Times 16”

  1. I find these regal. I don’t know why but that’s the word that occurred immediately. I too am noticing more. For me, it was yesterday’s moon at 530 am as the storm clouds raced across it. I was fascinated by the sight.

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  2. I imagine that, for many people, the slower pace engendered by lockdown, extra time, and uncertain personal outcomes during the crisis, tend to focus the mind and allow an appreciation of everything in the here and now.

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  3. Thank you, Claudia. These are strange flowers without petals or sepals. They are made up of male stamens only that produce masses of pollen. Other flowers, sometimes on the same tree, but other times on a separate tree, are female or hermaphrodite again with only the reproductive parts of the flower. I saw the super-moon last week as well. The first night it appeared behind dark clouds but the second night the sky was clear. I’ll look for the pictures.

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  4. Dear Claudia, these are the super-moon pictures I took last week. The moon was especially large and called a pink super moon because American first nations people named it after a pink flower that appeared at the time of this large moon – the moon itself is not pink:

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  5. These photos took my breath away. They are exquisite. And they give me hope. As I think I’ve said, I’ve felt since I was a little girl that the moon watches over us. These photos really make me feel encouraged.

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