Arable Fields in Autumn

The countryside is always changing. Not only with the natural seasonal variations but also with the cyclical nature of arable farming. In late October on Charlton Down when the trees and hedges were fast losing their leaves, some fields still bore rows of stubble from a late harvest of crops while others were vibrant green with new growth from an early autumn sowing of cereals.

Rural Views around Charlton Down

English countryside under dark skies


A walk in very mixed January weather along muddy lanes, through arable countryside with freshly ploughed and green planted fields divided by clipped hedges. Rain and hail from dark clouded skies, and occasional shafts of sunlight, slant over low rolling hills trimmed by bare-branched trees. The local river full to the brim and flowing fast with turbulent waters, escaping into channels that once fed the old mill and water meadows. White fleeced sheep with pink noses feed near the old derelict barn.

On Charlton Down in March

A Dorset landscape in March

I walk in all weathers and always carry a camera. I like to record what I see and the changes I notice even if the conditions are not always favorable, as on this occasion. This March day on Charlton Down was marked by hazy sun, cold wind, and the merest hint of spring. Ploughed fields were white with chalk and flint nodules. Short shoots sprouted from the furrows. Sugar beet greened some fields. Trees bare but for lichen cast weak shadows on the turned soil, while neat laid hedges divided the vista. Farms and barns topped the horizons. Rusting agricultural equipment stood isolated along the pathways. A rolling misty landscape of intersecting curves surrounded my hill-top village.

A view fro the top of Charlton Down in Dorset.

Old rusting iron water tank

Agricultural countryside around Charlton Down in Dorset, England.

View of ploughed chalk field on the hill at Charlton Down

View from the top of Charlton Down across farming countryside

Country view on Charlton Down in March

Mist-shrouded fields on Charlton Down in March.

Rusting agricultural machinery on Charlton Down

Green shoots sprouting among flint filled fields on Charlton Down

Green shoots sprouting among flint filled fields on Charlton Down

Green shoots sprouting among flint filled fields on Charlton Down

Hedgerow trees casting weak shadows on the pale turned soil of the intersecting slopes around Charlton Down