Seashells on the seashore strandline

Picture of seashells in a natural arrangement as found on a rocky shore, with both living mussels and empty mussel shells attached to each other by byssus threads. A digitally altered photograph.

This picture may be clicked up to three times for increasing levels of detail if you wish.

4 Replies to “Strand 9”

  1. This is one of the full size images. As well as empty shells, some of the mussels were living. You can see the byssuss threads that they use to attach and secure themselves to the substrate when they settle from the larval stage.

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  2. Thank you, RH. I am glad that you are enjoying the Strand Series. I am pleased that you have been looking at these pictures with maximum magnification, as with many of my posted images, it reveals a wealth of detail that is hidden from the casual observer.


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