Natural Patterns at Cairns Botanic Gardens

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It is cold today. I wanted to think of a time and place where it was much warmer. I thought back to the holiday I spent in Queensland, Australia, several years ago. It is a wet tropical region and the vegetation is luxurious in the Daintree Rainforest. We did explore the wild as best we could but there was nothing to beat visits to Cairns Botanic Gardens where we could enjoy the wonderful plants without so many of the attendant dangers. Here is a gallery of some of the amazing and beautiful natural plant patterns, colours and textures that I photographed among the vegetation in these fabulous gardens.

8 Replies to “Natural Patterns at Cairns Botanic Gardens”

  1. Thank you, Ordinary Hiker. There is a lot to intrigue and inspire at Cairns Botanic Gardens. They also run many courses to promote creativity based on their wonderful resources.

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  2. Thanks, Alastair. The gardens were a great visual delight. They have a cultivated side where most of these pictures were taken, and also a wilder side with boardwalks through the rainforest. We visited Cairns Botanic Gardens three times because it was so interesting and exciting.

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  3. Thank you. It does look bright and colourful, doesn’t it? It has reminded me just how wonderful it was to be there. We attended a talk in the C B Gardens on Alfred Wallace and Darwin when we were there, and still get regular e-mails about all the art and craft courses and activities they run. It makes us feel connected.


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