More Ancient Wood in Peat

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Ancient tree stump from a submerged forest in life position on the beach at Whiteford Sands

Yesterday I posted pictures of a massive tree trunk that is being washed out of the peat on the beach at Whiteford Sands. It is lying on its side. Next to it are the remains of a clump of smaller trees. [I have indicated their positions with arrows in a context shot below]. The trees were growing close together. Only the stumps survive but they are preserved upright in their life position, complete with root systems penetrating downwards through the peat. I noticed for the first time in preparing these photographs for the post that someone has very neatly and professionally cut off one of the tree roots; this may substantiate my assumption that someone is in fact carrying out research on the newly emerging trees of this submerged forest.

2 Replies to “More Ancient Wood in Peat”

  1. The wood has very interesting shapes and wood grain patterns. It makes me wonder whether a lot of the driftwood that I have photographed over the years on this beach is actually from the submerged forest. The site is a nature reserve and/or site of special scientific interest so everything in it is protected, so hopefully the old timbers will remain untouched for everyone to admire and wonder at.


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