Sprawling Redshank plant growing in an uncultivated arable field margin

Field Margin Flowers 7 – Redshank

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This post features Redshank (Persicaria maculosa). It is an upright or sprawling hairless annual plant with much branched reddish stems that is found on disturbed ground and arable field margins. The small pink flowers are arranged on terminal spikes from June to October and the narrow oval leaves usually have a dark central mark.

3 Replies to “Field Margin Flowers 7 – Redshank”

  1. All the flowers in this series are growing in a strip of ground that was left deliberately unsown on the edge of a field of maize. The bare and stony ploughed soil has been colonised by native wild flowers (arable weeds) over the summer months. The maize is ripe for harvest now, and I am expecting the farmer to cut it any time. When he ploughs the field ready for sowing the next crop, this area of flowers on the field margin will disappear. But most are annuals that will have seeded or perennials and will grow again given the right opportunity. This year we are fortunate that the margin has been left to increase biodiversity.

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