Meadows on the Vile at Rhossili 5

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Meadows 5 – Picture from the old medieval field strip system called The Vile on the cliff top at Rhossili, Gower, South Wales, where the fields are separated by vegetated earthen embankments. Each field has a different combination of wild flowering plants and grasses.

In the above image of the top of one of the vegetated embankments, if I am not mistaken, it is Hedge Woundwort or something very similar that dominates amongst the grass. Image taken with a zoom so I couldn’t examine those particular flowers close-up – but a couple of the same were closer to the path at the end of my walk and I think I have got the identification right. 17 June 2021.

4 Replies to “Meadows on the Vile at Rhossili 5”

  1. Sorry to be slow to reply, I missed this on WordPress. Yes it is a male long-horned bee and how exciting to see one. I know there are colonies in Wales, Liam Olds knows quite a bit about this. I have been watching them in Devon this year and I also made one visit to Powerstock Common Nature Reserve where there is a big colony. If you do iRECORD it would be worth reporting this.

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