12 Replies to “Daily Walk in Difficult Times 96”

  1. Guess what. I’ve seen teasels in real life now! Your photos confirm that for me just now. I recently posted on my personal blog what I thought were a kind of thistle new to me. But they look just like yours. I had no idea , I’ve never seen this kind before.

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  2. The teasels in the post were in a nice sunny south-facing location and supported by a hedge against the wind. That has probably brought them on.


  3. I am wndering if they have been here all along and I did not focus on them, though my husband also did not recognize them, so maybe they are just more pervasive now? I know there are certain vines that were not a problem in the past that are swallowing trees and so on now, I think it could be related to global warming? I know poison ivy is increasing here, too. Who knows? Anyway, I love these plants, teasels, I will be looking for them.

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  4. Interesting, Claudia. It does seem likely that current weather conditions are increasing the numbers and vigour of existing plants, and overall climate change enabling species from warmer areas to gradually migrate further north.

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  5. I have an appointment for my first haircut in four months next week. I am assured that all precautions are in place. I will be the only customer in the salon and the first one of the day so everything will have been freshly sanitised.


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