Dorset countryside scenes in summer

Daily Walk in Difficult Times 92

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A lovely morning. I entered through the open gate by the derelict barn near the allotments. It is on a bit of a rise with a view sweeping over gentle rolling hills towards the town. The barley in the field is ripening fast. Clouds move rapidly across the sky and shadows chase light over the ground. Bright wild flowers gather round the margins and in the hedgerows as if feeling proud to be part of the scene and admiring the beautiful setting in which they find themselves.

2 Replies to “Daily Walk in Difficult Times 92”

  1. Absolutely gorgeous country. Loved all the wild flowers. There are so many fences in our area, with each owner posting no trespassing. In this area you have to go to a national forest to take a nice long work through the countryside. When I lived in Arizona you could go out to the desert and roam to your heart’s content.

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  2. Thank you PeggyJoan. We are fortunate in the main to have well-established public footpaths open to all. However, in some places access to the countryside is sometimes impeded by landowners.

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