Multiple-headed thistle flower

Daily Walk in Difficult Times 88

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The multiple-headed flowers on the fasciated (mutated) thistles are beginning to open and bloom. Some of the deformed flowers are just double-headed but one shown here seems to have about ten conjoined flower heads with the purple petals making an almost complete circle. The thistles with the distorted and deformed stems and flowers only occur on one side of the path from Charlton Down to Charminster. I don’t know why that should be so.

8 Replies to “Daily Walk in Difficult Times 88”

  1. Thank you, Andy. The biggest of the distorted flowerheads is yet to bloom so I will keep visiting because I am curious about how they will turn out.


  2. Apparently there are several suggested causes of this mutation, for example, some kind of chemical effect, a virus or bacterial infection, or perhaps a genetic source. Something is creating a cluster of affected plants in one particular location. But, without a proper scientific investigation, we are just left to speculate.

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