Daily Walk in Difficult Times 79

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We are still living a restricted life because of the coronavirus pandemic. We haven’t ventured far, relying on shorter walks near home, as we have done for the last three months. It is a pleasing experience to discover so many new plants on my daily excursions, and observe the changes that take place so rapidly as the seasons change from spring to summer. I saw these seed heads the other day. They are much larger than the common dandelion clock, and their structure is noticeably different too. There were quite a few in among the wild grasses but I had not previously seen the small yellow flowers that gave rise to them. They are the fruits of Goat’s-beard (Tragopogon pratensis).

3 Replies to “Daily Walk in Difficult Times 79”

  1. That is interesting. I keep coming across plants with yellow flowers which remind me of dandelions but which aren’t. I’ve come across quite a substantial one recently – with lots of stems and big flowers – and didn’t manage to take a good enough photo of it. I know where it is though and will go back to see its seed head.
    Really enjoy peering into this photo and looking at the surprising structure.

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  2. Thanks Lucy. I am so glad that you are out and about and seeing such lovely things and making observations about all you see in your blog. It must be truly wonderful for you to get out now. There are so many dandelion-type plants around down here too. I find it almost impossible to identify most of them. The Goat’s-beard one was distinct enough to make it possible.


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