Meadow grasses at Charlton Down

Daily Walk in Difficult Times 61

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Virtually hidden away to the side of the footpath that leads from Charlton Down to Forston Farm is an area that I always call The Meadow. It is an approximately triangular plot of land that was laid out with native plants maybe about fifteen years ago when the new part of the village was nearing completion. A wide margin of young trees and shrubs encloses tall grasses and wild flowers. A mown path is cut around the field and across it to make it easier to access the site.

Right now, as we near the end of May, and approach the official beginning of summer on 20th June, and after 65 days under lockdown because of the coronavirus pandemic, this grassy field is probably looking its best. In a sheltered spot the grasses are growing tall and beginning to flower. They are a splendid sight in the bright sun, whether in stands of one species, or intermingled with other grasses and tall flowers like cow parsley and Queen Anne Lace. On the day of my visit it was unusually calm and the tall stems and flower heads barely stirred, as if luxuriating in the warmth and soaking up the light. This is the first selection of pictures from 24th May.

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