Blue speedwell in the undergrowth

Daily Walk in Difficult Times 55

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The village Nature Area is filling out and developing well. Walking around it is a delight. There is always something new, some changes from the previous visit. There is something deeply zen about the place. I usually have it to myself which makes it seem special. Peaceful if you can discount the traffic from the adjacent road. You soon learn to cut the noise out (a bit like when planes to and fro Heathrow continually fly over Kew Gardens). Being here gives me the same kind of feeling that I used to get from visiting a beach early in the morning or in the middle of winter when nobody else is around. Peeping through the boundary trees you can see the fields of swaying barley that lie just outside, and glimpse copses of trees where no one goes but the deer.

4 Replies to “Daily Walk in Difficult Times 55”

  1. I visited a cemetery at a local church recently and felt the same way. Even including realizing that the nearby highway traffic sounds were not negligible but I had not been hearing them.

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  2. Thank you, Claudia. I suppose it has to do with focus. If you are truly “in the moment” appreciating something or lost in your own thoughts, everything else is blanked out. A kind of meditation.

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  3. It’s the kind of area which makes one momentarily wish to be an insect so one can launch into the landscape and be immersed in all the green.

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  4. That is a lovely description, Claudia. As a small child I wanted to be a fairy so that I could curl up in flowers!! You can tell the kind of children’s books we were exposed to in our family. The desire was to be one with Nature.


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