Barley field

Daily Walk in Difficult Times 48

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Scenes of growing barley from the wooded edge of a field, with big blue skies and scudding white clouds overhead, from yesterday’s daily exercise walk. It is very relaxing to get out so easily to the wide open spaces of countryside. I know how fortunate I am. This day was also marked by the first attempts to relax the restrictions imposed during the coronavirus lockdown. Let’s see how that goes.

4 Replies to “Daily Walk in Difficult Times 48”

  1. Thank you for these lovely shots. So beautifully relaxing, especially when the barley is swinging in a gentle breeze. Luckily, I’ve got a similar view when I look out of my window at home.

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  2. Thanks, Markus. You are fortunate to have a similar view from home. I love the swaying of the barley too. I took some video clips as well -but for the life of me I cannot get clips to display properly on WordPress.

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