Purple Columbine flowers

Daily Walk in Difficult Times 35

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Purple Columbine flowers

This flower stood out amongst the long grass on the chalky slope beneath overhanging trees. A bright spot of purple with a delicate intricate shape. I immediately thought of it as a garden plant. I was surprised when I looked it up and learnt that it is also a native or wild plant called Columbine (Aquilegia vulgaris), and has characteristic petals with hook-shaped spurs. Disappointingly, I also discovered that this is, in fact, a garden escapee because I found several other plants nearby in a different colour (these were just opening and the hooks on the petals were still folded flat). How wonderful it would be to find a group of native purple Columbines growing wild on a woodland floor. [Photographed from a distance on a very windy day, 29 April 2020].

6 Replies to “Daily Walk in Difficult Times 35”

  1. Beautiful! I love aquilegias. I learned recently that ‘columbine’ comes from the fact that the flower was thought to resemble a group of doves with their heads facing inwards, and it really does!

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  2. That is a lovely derivation. It conjures up a beautiful image. I had wondered whether it was something to do with St Columba and in a way it does via the idea of doves.

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  3. Thank you, Philip. I followed the link to the Guardian. A coincidence with the flower. Unfortunately, it was too windy for any butterflies in Charlton Down.


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