9 Replies to “Daily Walk in Difficult Times 15”

  1. That must be lovely. I have not experienced that myself. Working with paradichlorbenzine and formaldehyde for many years seemed to have blunted my sense of smell.


  2. I am sorry for that. There will be other springs. Are you still trapped upstairs? It must be doubly difficult for you in this lockdown situation. I am missing the sea and the rivers and streams – not possible at the moment but I am looking forward to the time when I can. Meanwhile, I can dip into my photos for fond memories, and print out favourite seashore pictures to pin up round the home.

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  3. I have to confess that I have saved some of your photos and I am including them in my electronic journal of these times, together with photos taken by me and our children. I hope you are comfortable with that Jessica? If not of course I can remove them. This is available to only me and my daughter who has the password in case anything happens to me! As it will one day…… It’s not a record of daily bad news but rather a documenting of our life and how the details of the daily round have remained the same but our world has changed and I believe is unlikely to be quite the same again.

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  4. That is fine, Jan. Not a problem. It is a good idea to record this significant journey that we are all involuntarily taking. For myself, I am conscious of the need to tidy up loose ends in my life – maybe an impossible task.


  5. Yes, still trapped upstairs for at least another 3-4 weeks. I can’t put weight on my leg for another 2 weeks and theh it will take time to build up my muscles again. They are quite wasted in my recovering leg.


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