Triassic rock at Barry Island

Triassic Strata at Barry Island

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Near the amusement arcade on the promenade at Whitmore Bay on Barry Island in South Wales (where “Gavin and Stacey” is filmed for the TV sitcom series) is a fantastic exposure of Triassic rocks. The reddish to greenish strata form a striped cliff topped by trees (holm oak, I think). The sedimentary rock layers belong to the Branscombe Mudstone Formation which is part of the Mercia Mudstone Group. The remarkably different colours of the stripes reflect the different environmental and climatic conditions prevailing when the deposits accumulated.

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Triassic rock at Whitmore bay on Barry Island

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  1. Yes, an amazing amount of time. The late Triassic period to which these mudstones belong lasted from 237 to 201 million years ago and it was the time that many of the first dinosaurs evolved.

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