3 Replies to “Afon Llwyd Reflections & Ripples Part 1”

  1. Without the title I wouldn’t have had a clue. I needed to be told these are reflections rather than weed under the water, and that it’s a river and I am not looking at kelp just below the surface of the sea. Incidentally, it’s a shame your Photographic Salmagundi blog is no longer accessible.

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  2. Yes, the images are very abstract, Lucy. I like the randomness of the quickly changing pattern and texture. It is interesting to try and isolate sectors of the water surface and attempt to frame the designs, especially when the water is speeding along at maybe 30 miles an hour. I would like to return to the same location in a month or two to see the autumn leaf colours reflected in the flow. Thank you for mentioning the other blog. I did not have the energy to feed it anymore and it was not viewed very often.


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