Textures produced by weathering on corrugated iron

Weathering Textures (KB)

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The effects of weathering by natural processes of the rain, temperature change, and salt-laden air on sheets of corrugated iron used in seashore boathouses. The texture of cracked bitumen, flaking paint, and rusting metal are shown. An illustration of entropy in progress?

7 Replies to “Weathering Textures (KB)”

  1. The slow decay of the wood and metal of these old boat houses results from the same processes that are gradually wearing away the surrounding rocks on the beach and in the cliffs of the bay. I will show some photographs of these later, and there are earlier posts about this place, Kimmeridge Bay.

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  2. Yes, it is interesting to see the effects of the same elements on different items, the metal, the wood, and I compare them to what I see here in my area, which is inland and therefore the influences different, but in many ways similar patterns result.

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  3. Everything reverts to its natural elements in the end and the processes are universal and not reversible – though you can slow them down sometimes. I realise this more and more as I get older and the wrinkles increase.


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