As the tide recedes on the lower reaches of the River Usk in Newport, Gwent, its payload of very fine silt particles is deposited in great quantities on the river banks. The texture of the deposit is like a soft and finely-whipped chocolate mousse that drapes itself around the bankside vegetation and over every object in strangely shaped cushions and hummocks. The surface of the mud in some places has the texture of orange peel, and the sediments seem to split under their own weight. This gloriously gloopy mud looks like something organic and alive engulfing obstacles in its path.

4 Replies to “Glorious Mud”

  1. I really must visit the transporter bridge next time I visit. The Usk mud looks aweful from some perspectives but it is fascinating from a geological point of view, and it holds secrets – an ancient boat was found buried in it a few years back


  2. I was mostly intrigued by the texture of the mud and how it precipitated from the water column as the level went down at low tide. The river was milky with the fine sediment particles.


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