Water-worn sedimentary rock strata on the seashore

Rock Layers at Waulkmill Bay

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Rock Layers at Waulkmill Bay 1-9 : Abstract natural patterns in water-worn sedimentary rock strata from the Eday Group of the Old Red Sandstone Supergroup on the north-east side of Waulkmill Bay on Mainland, Orkney, June 2018.

5 Replies to “Rock Layers at Waulkmill Bay”

  1. Yes, you are right. Cefn Bryn is made of Old Red Sandstone. This is a useful link to the details https://www.geolsoc.org.uk/GowerTour2,
    The rocks in this period are extremely variable because of the frequently changing conditions in which the rocks were laid down and differences due to the locations, The Orkney Eday rocks look different from the Gower representatives for the same period. I will be posting some more pictures from Waulkmill Bay later, showing some lovely pink and white patterned rocks in the same place as the ones in this post.

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