Pink, yellow, and buff Eday Group sedimentary rock on Orkney

Rock Patterns at Waulkmill Bay

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Rock Patterns at Waulkmill Bay 1-9 – Natural abstract patterns and textures in pink, yellow, and buff Eday Group sedimentary rock (possibly Lower Eday Sandstone Formation) on Orkney Mainland at Waulkmill Bay. These brightly coloured, water-worn flat rock surfaces on the north side of the bay provide a marked contrast to the black lichen-covered rocks nearby.

6 Replies to “Rock Patterns at Waulkmill Bay”

  1. You have a great imagination, Claudia. What you say reminds me of a scene in the early film of “Journey to the Centre of the Earth” where someone stepped on a sleeping dinosaur thinking it was just a rock but which then woke up with the skin changing colour!


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