8 Replies to “Strand 6”

  1. Very beautiful picture, it´s real art! 🙂 I can´t click the pic more then once, and it get maximum about 800 pixel. But if I open it in a new window, it get a bit bigger.


  2. Thank you, John. That is a lovely comment.
    I only know that when I use my own desktop computer or I-pad, I can make the picture successively bigger by clicking three times. Maybe it is something about the device being used, or the way that WordPress manipulates the delivery of the image that is the problem?

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  3. It depends on the size of the photo. When I do panoramas, I usually have a width of 3000 pixels, then you may click, maybe 3 times and the entire screen will be filled.


  4. I understand the problem now. Some of the images in this series were cropped from the full sized ones. Full size is approximately 4000 x 3000. The cropped images are a lot smaller.

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  5. I use to crop my pictures to 1000×1000 pix, it´s in real 1000×667 and fits the web. Remember, the bigger size you have, the “heavier” will the pic be. I edit my pictures in Lightroom, and always in 50% quaity, You can´t see the different from 70-50% in the web, it´s only you want to make a real photo of it you need to have 100% and high exposed (full size)


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