Worked Stone – Veltha by Emily Young

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I am overwhelmed by the beauty of the Emily Young sculptures that are periodically exhibited in London locations for all to appreciate. Not only is the working of the stone exquisite but the selection of the stone for the work itself is amazing. As an amateur geologist I am fascinated by the range of colours, patterns, and textures naturally occurring in rocks, and to see them used to such great advantage is a privilege. I discovered an exhibition of Emily Young’s sculpted heads in the Southwood Garden attached to St James’ Church near Piccadilly on my last visit to London. They will be on display until January 2018. These pictures show aspects of a sculpted head called Veltha which is created in brecciated onyx, and it is displayed by courtesy of Bowman Sculpture.

5 Replies to “Worked Stone – Veltha by Emily Young”

  1. Yes – what a beautiful rock type!
    Here in East Anglia we have the rock library at the Sedgwick Museum to pore over. Perhaps you’ve seen it. I’d like to post a photo but this medium won’t let me.
    Kind regards,
    Tim HW


  2. Thank you, Tim. I had a quick look at the Sedgwick Museum website and realised that I had actually paid it a fleeting visit last year while at a conference of New Networks for Nature at the Attenborough Building nearby. I only had half an hour before closing time so it was a tantalising glimpse of what they had to offer. I have been meaning to visiting Cambridge again especially to explore the museums and galleries – maybe sometime soon.


  3. Thank you, Evelyn. What I like about this type of worked stone is that you can see the rough natural surface as well as the polished one which brings out all the colours and natural designs.

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