7 Replies to “Seatown Sunlit Kelp 1a”

  1. Thanks, Aidy. The bed of kelp was attached to boulders just revealed in the surf for a few minutes at low tide. I thought the kelp looked fabulous with the sun shining through the blades as they were whipped to and fro with the breaking waves. I took quite a few pictures trying to capture the fleeting abstract reflections on the wet surfaces as well as the golden translucency.

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  2. Dear Jessica, Just back from a week in Dorset. Would have liked to get to Seatown but it was a bit too far West. Your pictures of kelp are just the sort of thing I have been pursuing. I swam at Ringstead Bay; underwater unbelievably magnificent but rather frightening seaweeds. Kelps that were yards long and very wide and all different types. Long wavy grasses, strange very long weeds like horse tails but covered in tiny bladders.
    I wish I had an underwater camera. See my oil painting of kelp at Aberystwyth.
    Angela Gladwell


  3. Hello, Angela. Swimming at Ringstead sounds wonderful and difficult at the same time with all the seaweed. It is a pity that you did not have a waterproof camera. I have a Fuji XP60 which can be used underwater but have not tried it out much in that situation. It does allow me to take pictures in the rain without writing-off the camera. I think the seaweed with tiny bladders that you encountered might be the invasive Japweed (Sargassum muticum).


    Thank you for sending the picture by e-mail. Your painting of the kelp at Aberystwyth captures the light and reflections on kelp brilliantly.


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