“Molluscs in Archaeology” Published Today

The book Molluscs in Archaeology is published today. Here is a link to the publisher’s blog at Oxbow giving details of the delights in store to prospective purchasers and readers of the book.

The book is still available at pre-publication price from Oxbow Books until end July 2017 at:


8 Replies to ““Molluscs in Archaeology” Published Today”

  1. Congratulations Jessica. It will be brilliant I’m sure to see it in print. If it was me, I could imagine slipping into bookshops and looking proudly at it on the shelves!


  2. Your comment made me laugh out loud, Aidy! It would be a temptation to do that in bookshops I’m sure – but I’m not certain that it is the kind of book you would find in local booksellers. I hope that it will grace the shelves of larger bookshops, and all university and museum bookshops, and be available in most libraries. We are hoping that it will be required reading for most archaeology students and anyone interested in environmental archaeology whether amateur or professional.

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  3. and its selling so well than in 4 weeks 1/2 the UK stock is sold! And sales include … Ireland, France, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Slovakia, Turkey, Gibraltar, Malta, Sweden, Norway, New Zealand, Australia, Japan, USA, Argentina, etc …


  4. That’s brilliant, Mike. I am also delighted to say that I have had a contact from someone who has just read the oyster chapter and is interested in a possible contribution that I may be able to make to an exciting new project which could kick off next year.


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